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Dry cleaners

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Information for our clients


Our services are provided for contractual prices and paid in advance at the pick-up. In special cases when it is impossible to set the price in advance, the order will be picked up unpaid and as soon as our expert sets the price, the information will be sent to you by text message or e-mail for their confirmation. If wrong dry cleaning symbols on labels, defects and damage on clothes are found before dry cleaning, you will receive an informative text message or e-mail with a requirement for permission whether to provide the dry cleaning service or not or whether you wish the appropriate defect to be repaired. For clothes without specific dry-cleaning symbols or in cases when it is impossible to keep contradictory requirement for dry cleaning, your consent with dry cleaning without guarantee will be required.

If the confirmatory message is delayed, the alteration/repair of the order will be postponed adequately taken into account consequences of such delay such as dry cleaner’s opening hours and repair services. Without the confirmatory consent we will not proceed with the dry cleaning and the order will be returned to you with a request for payment for the transport. If the order is not taken over/picked up within 7 days from the agreed delivery time, we will charge you a storage fee in the amount of CZK 10.- for each commenced day.

In case of a claim for services rendered we shall proceed according to the Complaints Regulation.



Delivery times

Express - Up to 24 hours 
Standardt - Up to 48 hours
Special orders 3 – 5 days


Drycleaner’s business hours

Monday - Friday        9 am – 6 pm
Saturday                     closed
Sunday                       closed


Advice for the clients:

  • If you have already tried to clean your garment yourselves, please, inform us on this fact
  • We do not accept any liability for garments without labels (ironing and dry cleaning symbols)
  • We professionally wash and dry clean in ecological machines of top quality
  • We use high-performance washing powders and detergents non-harmful to health Garments are steam ironed by hand
  • The price for leather and fur garments includes: dry cleaning, greasing, airing and cropping – not colour finish
  • We provide leather and fur dry cleaning within 3–5 days upon a specific order which is always completely individual
  • For leather and fur garments we require a Statement on Alteration of the garment signed by the client (this concerns inappropriate symbols, missing symbols, possibility of damage due to the age of the garment, staining, ripping etc.) – download HERE
  • We do not accept any liability for the content of your pockets after hand-over to our agent!


Please, check the content of your pockets in time!