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Dry cleaners

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ABOUT US / or Why to order dry cleaning online


Dear clients,


Welcome to and its Czech version Here, we would like to present a unique project established upon a high demand from dry cleaners’ customers whose majority say that visiting dry cleaners is for them a considerable time and organizational burden.
Naturally, since a great number of clients are heavily occupied with high workload, using a service saving your expenses and, off all things, your time which you can spend with your close friends and family, is amazing. is the only dry cleaning service in the Czech Republic offering its services online. Select required service and let us do the rest…


We offer our services to general public which also includes meeting specific requirements of small and large companies. The comfort is not only in the quality of dry cleaning which is a matter of course for us indeed but also in our aim to fully satisfy our clients. We will get your orders picked up, professionally cleaned and delivered back to your house, office, hotel or a company.


Our exclusive partners and patrons are the companies have been on a long term basis evaluated as the best drycleaners in the Czech Republic. They were established in 1990 - 1992 and have maintained their top position in their field with many national and regional awards.


Our big clients: luxurious hotels, luxurious fashion stores such as Winsors, Dormeuil, Luis Vuiton etc.


We hope you will be satisfied with our services.


Wishing you a very nice day,
Martin Janata and your or


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